Saturday, 2 February 2013

Extreme shopping, yesterday morning..

Early morning shopping..
It's never a good idea to go shopping for food, when you're hungry.. So, I kind of lost it a bit, when I went to Tesco, yesterday morning..

I'll try and save some money next week, though, since this stuff should keep me going for a while - especially after the early morning cooking session I had, today. I'll blog about it in a moment.

That pressed juice is really nice, btw! I've been buying Tropicana juices as they're lovely, but their price has gone up, and up again, being now ridiculous.. (€5.20 for two litres, in the nearby Tesco - it used to be €4 for two litres, then €5..) As much as I like Tropicana, I will not be paying that much for it, so I thought I'd try these Irish pressed fruit juices - €1.50 per litre. Very nice! I'll be buying them again.

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