Thursday, 28 February 2013

I pulled a leg muscle - again.. And I want cake!

Last week, when I was going to the shops, it was a cold day, and I was walking uphill, then stopped on top of the hill, waiting to cross the road.. As I started crossing the road, I felt a muscle snap in the back of my right leg.. It was quite painful, and made me limp for a few days..

Well.. Today, it happened again - at the same spot! I forgot to be careful as my leg wasn't sore anymore.. This time it was MUCH more painful, though. I considered turning back, or even phoning D to come and give me a lift home as walking was extremely painful, and almost impossible.. But I needed to post a letter, collect my meds, and buy food, so I just had to get on with it. It was slow going, but it actually started to feel a little bit better, eventually..

It's still very sore now, so I've wrapped my biggest woolly scarf around the leg, keeping it warm.. I can't really find a comfortable position to rest it, though, because I've no furniture, just the drafty attic floor.

I'm just disappointed that I didn't get cake! I was browsing miniature cake pictures, last night, on Facebook, and really wanted some creamy cake, like a coffee slice or such.. But they didn't have anything nice at Dunnes, and I was too sore to limp to Tesco =/

I really, really want cake..

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