Sunday, 17 February 2013

In memory of Pedro - Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Pedro has died. I read the sad news, just a few hours ago.

I never met Pedro, but I followed his life on Animal SOS Sri Lanka page on Facebook, ever since he was rescued as a tiny puppy, from a road where his siblings were killed.

In many ways, Pedro was a lucky dog. Unlike many other rescue animals, he never experienced cruelty, and he never suffered from painful injuries and neglect. No - Pedro was rescued before he had even opened his eyes, and he was lucky to spend his whole life in the Animal SOS Sri Lanka sanctuary, which is not a bad place at all! Unfortunately, he got a parvo type illness, which took his life =( RIP Pedro..

I had meant to blog about ASOS-SL, anyway, since they kindly gave me permission to use their photos for this blog entry. You can click on these pictures, to see larger versions of them.

I follow many animal rescue (and such) pages on Facebook, but I have to say that theirs is my favourite! These people really are miracle workers.. Many of the rescue cases look like there's no hope for the poor animal - there could be horrible injuries or illnesses, and often the animal has sort of given up, just waiting to die.. But if they are lucky enough to get rescued by ASOS-SL, it's very likely that their condition will soon start improving, and once they feel better and realise that they are now safe in a place where they get food, love, and medical care, happiness and joy will return to their eyes. It's always heartwarming to see!

Of course, it's not possible to save every animal, but miracles do happen, at ASOS-SL.. For example, there's Godfrey - pictured above. His "before" pictures were some of the worst I have ever seen. You could actually see the bone, in some of the open wounds, his back legs were paralysed, he had given up, and it just didn't look like there was any hope for him anymore.. But after medical care, hydrotherapy, lots of love and care, Godfrey has kept improving, he can already stand on his own, and even take a few steps, and best of all, he is HAPPY! He is enjoying life - maybe for the first time in his life!

There's Rupert, who was rescued as a poorly puppy, but grew up so healthy, handsome and confident.. =)

There are cats as well (and other animals, occasionally), like Kitty and Betty Boo. Visit ASOS-SL on Facebook, and explore their photo albums, to read more rescue stories past and present.

You learn some interesting trivia as well, from ASOS-SL updates. I had never known, that dogs like coconut! But it seems that they really do! Apparently, it's a toy and treat in one =) Here's Estelle, enjoying a coconut treat on the beach, after hydrotherapy session.

Leila is the most recent rescue dog, to be featured on the ASOS-SL page. She was rescued by tourists, who brought her to ASOS-SL, and we don't know yet what will happen with her, but I am hoping that she will become one of the happy miracle cases as well..

As you can imagine, even with lots of voluntary workers who give their time for free, to care for these rescued animals, it still takes money to run the place. There's medical care, food, transport, other running costs.. If anyone would like to help with a donation (even a small one), here's the ASOS-SL donation page, which is on their actual website.

There are many different ways to donate money, and if you look at their Wish List, you can see that they would be happy to accept item donations as well, such as bandages, wound dressings, wormers, collars, leads, toys, surgical instruments, etc.. Note: If you are not actually in Sri Lanka, and would like to send them something, please make sure that such items can be sent by post.

See also, the little "More..." link, in the footer of the Wish List page.. There is a list of Clinic Equipment that they need, which I'm quoting here;

X-ray machine, Developer and viewer
X-ray cassettes and film

Basic Ultrasound scanner

Anaesthetic machine, Breathing circuits – T-piece, Baines, Parallel Lack, Magills and anaesthetic gas (Isoflourane), Oxygen masks


Basic blood testing machine, Centrifuge (blood spinner), PCV Reader

Refractometer and Urine Dipsticks

I especially remember them mentioning the need for the x-ray machine, many, many times.. Because they don't have one, whenever an x-ray is needed, they need to take the patient for a long road trip, to the nearest x-ray machine for animals. When you have a patient with possibly horrible injuries, this is not something you want to do as it's extra painful for the animal, and the delay in treatment might even kill the poor animal.

So, I would really love to see them get that x-ray machine!

Maybe this is something that you could mention at your local veterinary clinic, no matter where in the world you live.. That there is an amazing animal rescue centre in Sri Lanka, that desperately needs an x-ray machine, and could use some help towards getting one.. (Also, they do accept second hand, reconditioned, short dated and unused veterinary items / instruments / drugs, which is worth mentioning as well..)

Hope to see you on the ASOS-SL Facebook page!

(All photos in this blog entry, are originally from ASOS-SL albums - used with permission.)

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