Tuesday, 26 February 2013

No milk version of the penne dish

Yes, I've been making variations of this pretty much every week, lately, because it saves money and effort, and I might never get tired of it =)

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So, yesterday, I was out of milk, but I wanted to make my weekly penne dish.. I had a 500g jar of Bolognese pasta sauce, so I thought I'd use it instead of milk. As my recipe for the large oven dish, takes one litre of milk, obviously there wasn't quite enough liquidy stuff, so I watered down the sauce, to make almost a full litre. I have to say, it didn't look pleasant, and I had doubts.. LOL (I still included the four eggs and everything else, btw..)

Also, I thinly sliced two large tomatoes, and layered them (uncooked, which is why I cut such thin slices) between the other layers (see my earlier posts, which I've linked above, to see what I mean about the layers..).

The result was actually very nice! =D I might do this no milk version again..

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Last week - and I probably didn't mention this in the blog yet - I didn't have any tomatoes or peppers, but I wanted a little bit of colour as penne, fried mince and onions, would have looked a bit bland.. So, I fried one large thinly sliced carrot, with the onions and mince. (Sliced thinly, because I just wanted to fry it quickly and make sure that it wouldn't still be all crunchy, by the time the dish was baked..) It was also really nice!

If I had some more storage space in the kitchen, I'd love to do a mixed veg version with no meat..

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