Thursday, 14 February 2013

Things I hate

I absolutely - fuckin' - HATE - people who kill other people's joy, just for the sake of it. Like, if someone's having fun and laughing out loud, and some pathetic cunt can't stand it, so they'll yell "SHUT UP!", in a really nasty tone. I hate that. The world would be a better place without such pathetic cunts.

I hate people who always need to find someone to blame, when something goes wrong, when they can't find something, etc. Usually, those people don't even care whether whoever they blame for stuff, has actually anything to do with what they're being blamed for, or not. In fact, they often blame others for their own fuck-ups, and they know that extremely well. I hate narcissistic cunts like that.

I hate people who piss and shit all over the toilet seat (/ floor / walls..), and don't bother cleaning after themselves. Such filthy people often leave the toilet unflushed as well, and if they drop some rubbish anywhere, they won't pick it up. Such people seem to imagine that they're somehow better than others, so someone else will clean their "royal" mess.

I can't stand people who will never ever help others, when help is needed, because their stuff is always more important - yet, when they need help, they expect others to drop everything, right there and then, and rush to assist them. Selfish pricks.

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