Monday, 11 February 2013

What's with Pinterest tonight?!?

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

Earlier on, and again just now, I tried to pin something from a website, which allows pinning. I selected the category, wrote the caption, and hit the button, but instead of getting the usual box where you're told that your pin has gone through, and would you like to see it now, I just got the previous box again - where I'm supposed to select the category and write the caption.

I've tried pinning again from that (which just causes a neverending loop..), closing it and starting again by hitting the Pin It button on my browser toolbar (the same thing happens..), relaunching the browser, etc, etc.. Nothing works, the pin is not going through, and the same weirdness just happens again and again.

I'm wondering if there will be several copies of that pin, tomorrow.. Grrrr..

Also, I noticed that when you go to Pinterest now, to the main page, you won't get the usual feed anymore - instead, you get your own profile page, showing your boards! WTF?!? I don't want my profile page when I go to Pinterest! If I need to access it, I'll just click my name on top right. I want my feed on the main page.

Anyone else having these Pinterest issues??

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