Friday, 29 March 2013

Oh, I did some travelling, on Wednesday..

I flew to Frankfurt, on Wednesday morning, and spent the day there - I'd planned to go and see the city, but I ended up being so tired that I just didn't have the energy to drag myself and my laptop bag anywhere, so I stayed at the airport. It was still nice, though. People-watching, occasional chats with strangers, etc.. I'll blog more about the trip when I've flickr'ised my pics.. (I've uploaded some to Facebook already..)

Only a handful of people knew where I was flying from Frankfurt, that evening.. Thursday was my stepdad's 70th birthday, and he had no idea that I was coming for a visit. As my parents know some people who are on my Facebook friend list, I didn't want to say anything to anyone, in case someone might accidentally say something and ruin the surprise!

My mam knew that I was coming, of course, but didn't say anything to my stepdad, and he was totally surprised when I rang the doorbell at 1am =D

Going home on Tuesday =) 

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