Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Loving the non-slip dashboard tray

Non-slip dashboard tray
I bought this thing in one of the cheapo shops, for €2, and it's brilliant! Esmeralda didn't really have a good spot for a phone - I'd usually keep it in the little "pocket" on the door (just below the window), but it was awkward, and it was easy to forget it there.. But the new cheapo tray is perfect! The phone won't move anywhere while I'm driving, and when I leave the car, I will see the phone and remember to actually take it with me =D

(I would never ever actually use the phone while driving! Just wanted to make that very clear.. Not even hands free. I don't actually even use the phone when someone else is driving - for phone calls, anyway - because I can't really hear much when there's background noise.)

Non-slip dashboard tray

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