Sunday, 28 April 2013

The shopping list of a serial killer?

Getting Esmeralda organised
I've had a shopping list for Esmeralda (my car), ever since I bought her, but haven't really had the money for much of the stuff yet.. Well, not that I have any more money now (although, I did win the Lotto and Euromillions, last week - €1 and €3, all spent already..), but I decided to go wild in the cheapo shops =D

I got five plastic boxes, €2 each, to get my car stuff all organised.. I got a €2 non-slip dashboard tray, which is brilliant for the phone! I got €1 roll of vanilla scented bin bags, €3 air manual spray air freshener, €2 latex & vinyl gloves, €2 dusters, €1.19 baby wipes, and Nature Valley sweet & nutty peanut bars (€2.99 for a 5-pack). I already had a set of screwdrivers, some toiletries, packets of tissue, etc.

When I put the latest shopping on the table, to take some pictures, it kinda looked a bit dodgy, like I'm secretly a serial killer or such =D (Not to worry, though.. I haven't bought an axe, or a spade - yet..)

Free high vis stuff from RSA
I got some free high vis stuff from the RSA - assumed it'd be a vest, but it actually turned out to be a yoke that goes over a rucksack, and another bag-sorta-yoke, which could be worn over a coat, though. As it could be handy someday, I put it in Esmeralda.

Free high vis stuff from RSA    Free high vis stuff from RSA

Getting Esmeralda organised    Getting Esmeralda organised
Back to those plastic boxes..

There are four identical 7L boxes, with a handle on the lid. I tried to remove the big sticker, but it was impossible.. So, I cut some scrapbooking paper, and taped it over the sticker =)

Getting Esmeralda organised
I now have customised storage boxes =D

The slightly different, longer box is for tools. So far, it only has a €2 set of screwdrivers, but I'll be buying more tools.. I like tools.. I don't like stuff clonking around, so I've wrapped my tools in dusters, and the car wash mitt is in the tool box as well. There's one box for cleaning stuff (LOL), one for toiletries, one for snacks, and one for misc. things.

I still don't have a proper car bin. I did buy one, before, but the rubbery window yoke won't work and there's nowhere else to hang it, so I'm now using a paper bag on the floor, behind the front passenger seat, with a plastic bag inside, in case there's anything damp or such.

I need to do an IKEA trip, someday, to get a cheapo blanket, and some other stuff.. (And to eat meatballs, mmm..)

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