Saturday, 11 May 2013

Five generations of squinters

Five generations, similar expression
I went a bit family tree mad, earlier on.. =)

It all started when I snapped some pictures of random old photos in a family album.. Then, I realised that there were two photos of who must have been my grandmother's grandmother (=my great-great-grandmother), but I didn't even know her name..

Well.. After several hours spent on family research online, I now know her name, her birthday, the day she was christened, her home address, the names of her parents, her wedding day, the birthdays of all her six children, etc.!!! (Obsessive much?!?)

Myself, and my great-great-grandmother (grandmother's grandmother)
She was Helena Lenkkeri (born Helena Uski), and she was born on 27th August 1839. She married in 1858, and had six children, of whom the second youngest was Eva Kristina - my granny's mother.

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