Saturday, 11 May 2013

LIDL mini tripod €5.99 - awesome!

Mini tripod from LIDL, €5.99    Mini tripod from LIDL, €5.99
I LIDL'ised again, on Thursday, and while I stayed within budget, this time (unlike the previous time..), I still bought something I hadn't planned for.

A SilverCrest Mini Camera Tripod with foam covered flexible legs, €5.99.

I used to have a (smaller) cheapo mini tripod, but it was useless, the locks didn't really work much, and it struggled to support even a very light camera, so it probably ended up in the bin. For that reason, my expectations weren't that high, but this new mini tripod is actually brilliant, and a total bargain!

Mini tripod from LIDL, €5.99    Mini tripod from LIDL, €5.99
Apologies for the crappy photos, btw.. I couldn't wait to check it out, but didn't have the time to go up to the attic as I had a driving lesson soon after this, so there was nowhere decent downstairs, to take pics.. Hopefully, you'll get the idea, anyway..

Mini tripod from LIDL, €5.99    Mini tripod from LIDL, €5.99
The legs are foam covered, flexible, and can be twisted quite freely, so it's great for uneven places, branches, etc.. The feet are non-slip, which is also great.. According to the box, the tripod can take cameras up to 1.5kg. It certainly didn't have any trouble supporting my Nikon Coolpix P500.

My favourite detail is the removable quick-release plate! See the pics above.. You press the buttons on opposite sides, and it releases the plate. You can then attach it to your camera, and when you need the tripod, just press the buttons again and put the plate back - now with your camera attached to it, and when you don't need the tripod, you don't need to unscrew the camera, just release the plate. Melikes. (I have a light full size tripod, and a heavier monopod, and they could definitely do with a removable quick-release plate..)

(Phone snap, of my camera on the mini tripod..)

Definitely worth getting, for only €5.99 =D

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