Monday, 6 May 2013

Nikon Coolpix P500 vs. Nokia 6700 Slide

Same dish - just to show how crappy my phone camera is..
Here's my most recent penne dish, snapped with Valentine (Nikon Coolpix P500) and my phone (Nokia 6700 Slide), to demonstrate what a shitty cam my phone has..

I had to buy a new phone on 29th September 2010 (I happen to remember the date as I will forever remember the following day, for unrelated reasons), and this was all I could afford. It had to have a camera, but this one has been a complete disappointment from the very beginning! It's sort of OK, if you have a nice day, and you're taking outdoor photos in full daylight. Other than that, it's shyte. The flash activates easily, sometimes even on a cloudy day, and you can't switch it off. Almost ALL food photos look horrible..

I really wish I could afford a phone with a decent camera, but I can't.

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