Monday, 3 June 2013

The last garden moments with Oimo

In the garden with Oimo (RIP), Thatsit, and Oscar

This is the second last video of late Oimouttahere - and the last one I will share online (unless I find some older videos, which I haven't uploaded yet). It's from Friday afternoon, 24th May. That was the day when Oimo started feeling worse.. You can see his breathing was a bit heavy, on the video..

He wanted to go on the garden table, but didn't quite feel up to jumping there. So, I carefully picked him up (holding him in a way that wasn't putting any pressure on the big tumour in his tummy, in case it might hurt him), and he enjoyed the warm sun.. (After shooting the video, I sat with him, occasionally blocking the sun with my hand, where it would have made his dark parts too hot.. He seemed to appreciate not having to do anything himself..)

His tummy was big, because the tumour had grown a lot, since being diagnosed over a year before.. There was a smaller growth inside his ear, which I tried to zoom in to, but it's not that clearly visible on the video. It also started as a pea-sized bump, which grew rather quickly..

Later on, that day, I was in touch with the vet, and we decided to try and make it through the weekend, and then book a home visit, to let Oimo sleep forever.. There were moments when I thought I might have to call for the vet on that evening, but then Oimo perked up again, and eventually did make it through the weekend..

It has now been a week since he was put to sleep, and I will miss my Biggins for the rest of my life.. Still, it was such a great relief to feel him fully relax, and to know that he would never ever have to feel any pain or discomfort anymore..

And yes, I will be blogging about other things as well, but I will also be blogging about my Big Boy.. No one will ever replace him.

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