Sunday, 30 June 2013

Three male cats, not really loving each other.. =)

In the back garden with the boys..

29062013 ... Ever since our Oimo died (RIP), Oscar and Ringo have started claiming the back garden.. They can't get along at all, and they don't really tolerate Pushy, either - Pushy is the only one of them who is unofficially my cat (and gets to come in, too).. Oscar and Ringo belong to (different) neighbours.. Our Thatsit is female, so she's not into these territorial wars, but if any other cat approaches her, she'll scratch their nose..

As this is a longish video, here are some key moments; first, Oscar and Ringo are about to fight.. at around 1:00, Oscar slowly backs off and leaves the garden - Ringo is left sitting alert.. At ~ 2:35, Oscar is on my lap, and Ringo approaches - Oscar is alert, but Ringo walks to the back of the garden.. At ~ 3:35, Pushy is on the garden wall - nothing happens, but I had a feeling that Oscar wouldn't like it.. At ~ 4:00, unseen to camera, Pushy had made a move to jump down from the wall, and Oscar immediately activated - that's where I started shooting the last part of the video, and there's a bit of a cat fight between them (pretty much starting right at the 4:00 mark).. In less than ten seconds, Pushy had made it to the top of the gate, and from there on, I was pretty much just observing them, but nothing much happens after that, so if you're not interested in watching their stand-off behaviour, don't waste your time.. =) At ~ 7:38, Oscar jumps down from the coal box, and I go closer to Pushy, to check that he's OK.. (PS, my nail friends might like 7:53 - 7:58..)

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