Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Here and there, yesterday

Lough Tay & Sally Gap

With all the recent weather bliss, I've kept neglecting my blogs, and I have a virtual pile of photos to upload..

Above, the video bits from yesterday's spin.

I started by collecting a second hand chenille throw from Newtownmountkennedy - I meant to keep it as a car blanket, but it's really nice, and Thatsit likes it as well, so I might keep it in the attic, after all..

I'd planned on continuing to Newcastle beach, but I changed my mind and drove to Roundwood instead. I hadn't had any breakfast, so I wanted to grab a sambo and something from Roundwood Centra, and then go eat it at Lough Tay.

Roundwood was busier than I'd expected, so there was nowhere on the Main Street to park, and there was a truck blocking entry to the Centra car park. So, I drove on, and thought I'd turn in the other end of the village, and drive back to see if the car park entrance would be cleared by then. I ended up doing my first ever tight uphill three point turn, and I was so proud of myself when it went well - LOL.. Two or three cars were waiting, but I didn't panic, and I didn't take a week =) It was worth it, too, because I was able to get to that car park, when I drove back.

I bought an egg salad sambo, a donut, and crisps, and continued to Lough Tay. At first, I had the place to myself, but mid-breakfast, a tourist bus arrived, with mainly loud Germans.. However, I heard someone speak Finnish, and went to have a chat with two Finnish women =D

Then, I went to Sally Gap, and turned to Glencree road, stopping where I shot the second part of that video. I picked some bog cotton for my dollhouse..

After that, I had a maintenance break in Glencree - mmmm, cappuccino.. And back to Sally Gap & Roundwood, and on to Ashford.. I was stuck behind a slow tractor, ALL the way from Roundwood to Ashford! Grrrr..

I briefly stopped in Ashford, to try and decide where to go next, and to have a cold drink from my €2 cold bag =) I decided to go to Greystones via Rathnew - would have been a shorter route via Cullenmore, but I've done that so many times, whereas I hadn't driven to Rathnew yet, so I picked that route.

In Greystones, I did light shopping at LIDL (=just one bag of food, instead of my usual weekly shopping of 3-4 bags, which is not all food, though..). I just wanted some more gouda bread, really, but while there, I got other stuff that I was running out of. Vine tomatoes, etc..

It was only 3:45pm when I came home, so I still had time for a few hours in the back garden as well.

Later on, one of the Stira hinges snapped, and I couldn't go back to the attic! :O I was bored out of my mind as pretty much everything was up in the attic. The laptop, the camera, the phone charger.. I was able to check Facebook on the phone, but didn't want to do much of it as my phone battery is dying, so I'd have needed the charger soon, and it was in the attic..

Luckily, D has a friend who is a guru at welding, and he was able to fix the hinge on the same evening - thank God!! So, the Stira is good again, and I'm back in the attic. Phew! Also, while I had nothing else to do, I cooked.. So, now I have mince stuff for wraps, for 2-3 days.. I also cleaned the microwave oven, which was in a vile state, really.. I don't know what had been nuked, but it was all over the walls and door, and had gone off, stinking like a rotting corpse.. :x Btw, ever since I first saw that ancient episode of The Simpsons, where James Woods cleans the oven, I have never been able to clean the nuker without thinking of him! LOL

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