Monday, 12 August 2013

Custard Pie recipe - *licking the screen* (and Pinterest-ranting..)

I haven't tried making this custard pie yet, but I definitely want to try it! The picture looks lickable..

Btw, I absolutely HATE the widgets on the new Pinterest. (I was using the new version of Pinterest when they first made it available as an option, but soon went back to the old version for this particular reason - but now the old version isn't available anymore..)

Before, when you clicked for the embed tags, you were given the option of selecting the size of the picture, so it was perfect to customise it for your blog (or wherever you were going to embed it). Now, you don't get to customise it, you just get a really stupid looking widget, and you actually need to tamper with your blog template first, or it won't work at all. Even then, if you blog like I do - mostly writing everything in HTML view, but sometimes changing to Compose view and maybe adding more text - the widget won't show up at all, in the Compose view. You need to take a Preview, to make sure it's working. I never use the Preview, it's a time-waster. I know my code will work, I don't fuckin' need a Preview, so now I'm forced to use it, just because Pinterest went from brilliant to shyte. Thanks for that, Pinterest..

PS, I sent them feedback about this.. "Request #1193167"

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