Sunday, 1 September 2013

Done with August

My ShutterCal - August 2013
August 2013, in my ShutterCal.

August briefly;
I drove to Naas, Maaria drove us to IKEA & Liffey Valley and back to Naas, and I drove home - I bought IKEA mini furniture (etc.), and a nice maxi dress.. I went swimming for the first time since 1999, and gave a swimming lesson.. I bought a (nearly) neverending watermelon.. I cleaned my attic Christmas lights, to be used in a roombox.. A long-time net friend died - we never got to meet IRL.. K did some mini shopping on my behalf, in Finland.. I went to The Hollywood Fair, with Maaria who showed her quilts there.. Thatsit had a mystery fall or something, which seems to have made her unable to walk normally - she's improved, but it's still ongoing.. I made a 1:8 / 1:6 roombox, mainly with the IKEA mini furniture.. I bought a cheap LIDL tablet (GoClever TAB R70), which is much better than what I expected.. I had lots of fun with the crappy tablet camera (0,3Mpix), and free effects.. I had an appt. at St. Vincent's Hospital, and there might be some surgery on the way - nothing major..

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