Friday, 18 October 2013

Cured salmon with IKEA mustard & dill sauce


My version of graavilohi (cured salmon)..

salmon darnes / fillets
IKEA mustard & dill sauce
sea salt
granulated sugar
black pepper
white pepper

(I used the IKEA sauce as I couldn't find fresh dill. You can also use a few drops of lemon juice, vodka, cognac, some honey, or whatever.. Dill and sea salt are a must, anything else is optional..)

The first picture gives an idea of how much stuff to spread/sprinkle on the salmon.. I found it handy to start by spreading some mustard & dill sauce all over it, then sprinkle a generous amount of sea salt (not tons, but enough to make sure that the whole piece is covered with sea salt), just a little bit of sugar, and very little black and white pepper.

If I'd had fresh dill, I wouldn't have used the IKEA sauce at this point, and I'd have used much more dill. I was just worried that the mustard would be too much, had I used more sauce. (This turned out to be just perfect to my taste.)

Then, I wrapped the salmon quite tightly in baking paper and tin foil, and put the packet in the fridge. About 6-8 hours later, I turned the packet, keeping it in the fridge. I usually like to leave it there for 24 hours, before eating any of it. (It'll be good for a few days - maybe up to a week, if you don't finish it sooner than that, heh..)

Cured salmon

About 24 hours later.. I've unwrapped the salmon, and cut a few thin slices (on bottom right, above)..

Cured salmon on white bread

Making a cured salmon sambo.. White bread, butter, IKEA mustard & dill sauce, slices of cured salmon.. (I used lettuce as well, it's just not in the picture..)

Cured salmon sambos

Cured salmon sambos.. Omnomnom.. I think I'll go and make one right now!

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