Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mysterious Google ads (as in, AdSense) - do you see any?!?

Years ago, I joined Google AdSense, but I did it with my Eircom email address, and at some point (also years ago..), I remember finding that it had somehow created a separate account from my Google profile, and apparently, the accounts could not be merged..

Something reminded me of the ads account, last night, so I thought I might as well investigate what's the deal with it, these days.

Maybe I'd sorted it already, because after resetting that other account's password and gaining entry to its dashboard, I discovered that there was no AdSense account - hmmmm.. Oh well.. Since the AdSense stuff was the only thing I'd ever had going on, with that separate account, I decided to remove it for good. Done.

I then logged in to AdSense with my main Google account (as in, this one), and discovered that I actually had some unpaid earnings! :O Like, not much, but still a nice surprise, after thinking that my old AdSense account might have been killed for long inactivity, or such.. (I still don't know/remember how come my main account DOES have AdSense history, whereas the other account didn't - and that account wouldn't have even existed, had it not been created all those years ago, when I first joined AdSense! LOL..)

So, anyway.. I thought I'd go and switch on ads for this blog - but I found that I'd already done so. (Vague memory..?) I'd set the ads to be on the side bar, only I couldn't actually SEE any ads there.. Not in Chrome, not in Firefox, not in IE.. Huh?? I don't have any ad blocks, at the moment (newish laptop, haven't installed ad blocks yet..), and it didn't make any difference whether I was logged in to my Google account or not.. No sign of any ads.. Strange!?

I thought I'd try displaying the ads below my blog entries, so I changed that setting, but I still can't see any ads!!! LOL.. Here's what I see:

Chrome (logged in to my Google account)
Firefox (not logged in to any Google account)
IE (logged in to another Google account)

(Blogger is being a bitch with the pictures, today.. The top picture won't line up with the others, grrr..)

In Chrome and Firefox, I now have a blank space below my top blog entry, but there's no sign of an ad.. In IE, I can see where the ad is supposed to be, only it displays a missing page error instead..

I only tried viewing an individual blog entry in Chrome, and there was a blank space for an ad, without an ad.. Hmmm..?

If anyone can actually SEE any ads, probably below the top blog entry, I'd really appreciate a comment about it. (Reminder: Comments will only appear in the blog after I've approved them, and I won't publish spam comments.)

Also, I've filtered out certain ad categories (like adult stuff, weight loss, dating, and crap like that..), so IF anyone can see ads, and IF there's anything dodgy, please let me know!

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