Saturday, 5 October 2013

Phew - all my old files are back

I took a few days just to get used to Windows 8, and install necessities on my new laptop, but yesterday, I finally took out the hard drive from the old laptop, and transferred all my old files to the new laptop.

It still feels somehow mental, that such a tiny piece of material can hold so much stuff.. Thousands of photos, thousands of emails, etc.. Pretty much 5-6 years of my life, except for the years of photos I'd already backed up elsewhere.

Devastated about not being able to use my dear Photoshop Elements 1 (it being the only version of Photoshop Elements, that doesn't work with Windows 8..) - using Photoshop 6 instead, but it's so.. grey..

Also, my Logitech Fusion webcam doesn't work with Windows 8 (and no, there aren't any tricks for that, either, at least not yet..), which is disappointing, because I like having an external webcam, especially with an extra USB cable.. But now I'm stuck with the laptop webcam =/

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