Thursday, 10 October 2013

Phone support - with interwebs

My mam needed help with setting the lock numbers on her new luggage, so I tried to assist over the phone. I didn't know exactly what type of luggage she'd bought - just the brand name, but I found instructions in Finnish, for a few different types of locks used by that brand, only I didn't know which lock was used in her luggage.

Let's just say that I describe stuff better than she does, and after the first phone call, I was almost certain that I knew which of those lock versions was used.. LOL

I found a video for that particular lock type (see above), so I phoned my mam again, and this time, we managed to get it sorted. It was easier to give phone support, too, when I could actually see what she was supposed to be doing. (And just when we were done, I could hear the doorbell, and her friend's son arrived to help her with the lock! Jeez..)

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