Friday, 1 November 2013

Done with October

My ShutterCal - October 2013
October, in my ShutterCal.

October briefly;
I got used to Windows 8 (and later, 8.1).. I transferred my files from the old laptop hard drive to the new laptop & external hard drive.. I cooked spaghetti dish (being out of penne).. I cleaned and organised my handbag.. I got a postcard from North Korea.. I made cured salmon, mmm.. There's a new washing machine in the house.. I took some beard snaps.. I survived colonoscopy, lol.. I took more beard snaps.. I got older.. I made apple jam-like stuff, and an apple tRat.. I trimmed my nails.. I bought a ukulele.. I had scary little visitors (a witch and a skeleton)..

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