Friday, 1 November 2013

Still IMPOSSIBLE to set up a seller account on

I ranted about this same issue, over two years ago; / eBay Ireland - does it even exist, really?

Please, read that old entry first, because I will not describe it with as many details now - nothing has changed.

I logged in to - no problem with that.

Seller tools were not available for me, until I'd set up a seller account.

Whenever I followed the link to set up a seller account, threw me to the login screen of

I logged in with the same account info - no problem with that.

I continued with the set up process, during which I was asked to enter my phone number.

I entered my phone number;

My phone number with the country code, was not accepted.

My phone number without the country code, was not accepted.

If you can't enter a valid American phone number here, you can't continue with the set up process.

I am not American, I do not live in the USA, I have never visited the USA, and I never will visit the USA. Why would I have an American phone number?

I never wanted anything to do with the American eBay (as in, - I started my set up process from the Irish eBay ( Why does their seller account set up link always throw me to the American login screen?!? (I am in Ireland, connected with an Irish IP address, all my regional settings on the laptop are for Ireland.)

As I know for a fact, that several Irish people are selling stuff on, I would REALLY like to know how they managed to set up a seller account! - I'm expecting you to sort this. I want to sell something on your site.

(My handle is stello71 - I don't want to open another account as I have this one with my main email address, and I've linked my PayPal account to it. Besides, if I opened a new account, could give me the same shyte with that.)


  1. Stello, have you tried with a + first in the phone number? As that international version doesn't show it...

    1. It only lets you enter numbers.

    2. what's the international prefix of the US then? 011, if I remember it correctly?

    3. I can't make up a number as they will either text or phone it to verify my identity. So, it needs to be my number, and as I'm being thrown to the American eBay, it'll never accept an Irish phone number.