Sunday, 1 December 2013

Done with November

My ShutterCal - November 2013
November, in my ShutterCal.

November briefly;
I started using my new wrist warmers.. I had some Finnish sweets.. I saw and fed the garden hedgehog for the last time before its winter hibernation.. I cooked, baked, played with webcam, got bitten by Ringo.. I got a new battery for my vintage phone.. I lost my motorway virginity (shhhh..), going to Finglas and back - The Savage Eye again.. I got Eyesores in the post!.. More Savage Eye, in Bray.. I made pizza, and puff pastry treats.. I got a parcel from my mam.. I watched telly with Pushy.. Thatsit had to spend a night at the vets, due to having bad leg sores.. Photo session for an article, with Thatsit, who scratched my arm and wrist as she was so nervous.. More Savage Eye, elsewhere in Finglas.. The big Christmas parcel arrived from Finland, with lots of damaged packages.. More telly with Pushy.. A Thatsit article in the weekend Herald..

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