Monday, 9 December 2013

Some gift ideas..

Sunday Independent gifts magazine    Pink lemonade

I was browsing Sunday Independent gifts magazine, having planned to take a nap afterwards, but some of those gift ideas got me all upset, and I didn't feel like taking that nap anymore.

How to put off regular people..

One of the first things in that magazine, was a €11,280 engagement ring. Like, WTF?!? For starters, I thought it was supposed to be a Christmassy gifts magazine. OK, some people might get engaged during Christmas holidays, but still - an engagement ring is hardly one of the first ideas you'd have for a Christmas present, surely? Also, way to put off regular people, by starting with something that ridiculously expensive.. If I was a billionaire, I still wouldn't put that much money on a feckin' ring. After all, it's just a piece of material you wear to symbolise something. Cheap can be pretty as well, so why waste thousands?

If you pay €450 for a set of nail polish, you're a complete idiot

Had I been drinking something, I'd have spat it all over the magazine, when I saw this €450 YSL nail polish set. NAIL POLISH! 24 bottles, which look kind of small, too, and most of those colours probably wouldn't even be worn by anyone who could afford to pay stupid money for a set like that! Seriously.. No matter how wealthy you are, if you pay €450 for a 24-pack of nail polish, you're a complete idiot.

€400 for a PEN?!? It's pretty, so I'd go as high as €4

I'd already been outraged by some €350 pens, but this one was €400. Think about it.. €400, for a PEN. What the fuck is WRONG with people?!? Like, OK.. At least this pen is pretty, so I could pay as much as €4 for it (maybe..), but only an idiot would pay €400.

I'd love one of these - sensible price, too

Now here's something pretty, useful, and sensibly priced. A sewing kit for €6.50. (If anyone wants to give me one for Christmas, ship it here, LOL..)

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