Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dolce Gusto =D

D has a Nespresso Inissia (red), with the Aeroccino milk frother, both pictured above (product page link). So, every time I visit Bray, I have loads of gourmet coffees..

I've been thinking of buying an Inissia as it's so handy, and doesn't take much counter space, but I have a long list of stuff I should get (like, bookshelves..), and gourmet coffee machine doesn't seem that important..

However, I just happened to remember, earlier on today, that T left some coffee yoke behind, when he moved abroad - T lived in my current home, before I moved in. I vaguely remember him saying that there was something wrong with it, but I thought I'd find it and explore..

Google said it's a Krups Dolce Gusto Fontana =D

It was looking a bit awful, at first, due to hard water, but I cleaned it carefully, and used plenty of vinegar.. (Manual says not to use vinegar, but hey, it worked..)

I found better pics online..

I really didn't feel like going anywhere today as it was the only day of the week, when I could have just vegetated at home, but I was so hyped about the free coffee machine, that I just had to go and buy some coffee pods.. =D

Dolce Gusto selection wasn't great at Supervalu (Dunshaughlin), compared to all the Nespresso stuff, but I bought Americano and Cappuccino.. The price was about €4.80/box, with 16 pods in each (although, the Cappuccino box has eight coffee pods and eight milk pods, so Americano is better value..)

I gulped down the Americano, without even thinking of taking a picture, and when I took a snap of my cappuccino, I'd already had half of it as well =D Mmmmm..

So, the free Dolce Gusto machine seems to work just fine! =D

I have to admit, that I'm still drooling after the Inissia (it's a bit handier, and so much smaller..), but I'm sorted for now..

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