Sunday, 16 August 2015

Nude celebs

(I couldn't resist - had to use that title, LOL..)

Here's something I've been wondering for years: Why is it, that nearly all female celebs seem to have this urge to pose naked? It doesn't seem to matter what age, shape or size they are, or what they're famous for - eventually, they're going to do a naked photoshoot.

I've nothing against nudity, but I just don't see what's the motivation, in most cases. Like, OK, if you're someone who's famous for doing stuff naked (like, say, a Turdassian porn video, or such..), then I guess it makes sense to do more naked stuff for your target audience, but let's say you are (or have been) a non-porn actress, a novelist, a musician, or whatever.. Why would you feel the need to do a naked photoshoot?

Surely, it can't just be the need for keeping your name out there, or needing some extra money? Because that would seem like prostituting yourself, in a way..

Is it some kind of a need to flaunt your figure? But why? Like, you can do that with clothes on, too, so why get naked in public?

Human body is beautiful, and nude photos can be beautiful as well, but I think there's often an element of desperation, if it's someone famous taking their clothes off, rather than someone more or less anonymous, who's just modelling for something genuinely artistic.

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