Sunday, 23 October 2016

TNR for Drumree cats - Little Mami (#1)

Little Mami recently appeared on the patio, with THREE kittens (already old enough to eat solids, and explore the world on their own, but still on some milk from their mammy as well)

It became urgent, to have Little Mami spayed.

Donations were received (and are still needed as there are two tom cats who need neutering, and the three kittens will need spaying/neutering when they get a little bit older - please donate / share the donation link, thank you), and a plan was made to catch her, last Monday..

I caught her, no problemo, but being a feral cat, she immediately went mental, and managed to free herself before we reached the cat carrier..

However, she was now trapped in the house..

Cara and Cuddles (my indoor cats) already knew Little Mami, from having interacted with her through the windows, so there was no hissing or fighting, thank God..

I checked with the clinic, and an experienced TNR friend, that the kittens were old enough to cope without their mammy for a day or two, and kept Little Mami in the house overnight.

The following morning, I managed to corner her with the cat carrier and a towel, and she actually walked into the carrier herself, so I just closed the door! =D

I took her to the vets, they spayed her, and I went to collect her around 5pm.

Surgery had gone well, and she was also microchipped.

I had planned to keep her in the house for a few more hours, to make sure that she'd feel good enough to go out and see her babies..

But she was in no hurry to go anywhere, sleeping the first hours under the stairs, and then moving to the living room, where she had a good sleep between the sofa and the radiator..

It was around 5-6pm on Wednesday (!!!), when she finally wanted to go out!

Only minutes later, two of her three kittens joined her on the patio, for a family meal ♥

I managed to give her the pain killers, on the two days following her surgery. I mixed them with some food, and watched her eat it all.

Her wound is healing well, it looks very neat and clean ♥

She spends some nights in the cat hut, with her kittens, so before I let her out, I cleared the cat hut, and put new straw in, and an old woolly jumper I was no longer wearing.. So, clean and warm bedding for the family..

Vet bill receipt =)

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