Thursday, 4 May 2017

VR games, brief Doom, and Wilson's Heart - - "days 7 & 8"

Wilson's Heart (picture from Oculus website)

My "day 7" on VR, was just a really brief taster of Doom. Now, I've never been into Doom (or similar games), so I was just checking out how it would look like, when you're "there"..

Moving around felt different from other stuff I've tried in VR (although, I think it can be set up in various ways - anyway, not interested enough to find out more..), and while I got the idea, the corridors just looked all the same, so when I moved to some point, I couldn't then figure out where I wanted to go, and where I'd just come from as it all looked the same. I did kill one monster, though πŸ˜‚ That was that!

However, "day 8" was awesome πŸ˜ƒ I started playing Wilson's Heart πŸ’“

This game is AWESOME!!!

I've always enjoyed entertaining puzzle / adventure games (like the Broken Sword games, etc.), and this is like a horror version - and in VR.. Brilliant stuff..

You're Robert Wilson, and you wake up in a 1940's hospital.. It's all freaky and disturbing, something's been done to you, and something's happened to the hospital.. You'll need to collect clues, find out what's going on, find your way out..

There are some moments that really make you jump!

Also, there was a disturbing portrait on the wall - I pointed out "Ted" (referring to the film.. when you're playing this, you'll see what I mean..), but it must have been Ted's evil cousin.. πŸ˜ƒ

While looking for clues, I was also breaking glass bottles all over the place - just to have fun with the physics.. (No harm as they're all virtual, eh!)

Eventually, I got stuck, just before the dark corridor with - things.. I learned to fix dim lights, but then found no way ahead - D has since played it further, so I know now where I'm supposed to go from there. Can't wait to continue!

Really, really, REALLY good game!

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