Sunday, 8 November 2009

Destroying Sally Gap...

Wicklow Mountains (Sally Gap)
I used to love Sally Gap @ Wicklow Mountains.. It was one of the most beautiful places in Ireland - no sign of any buildings (unless you count the Kippure mast and some beautiful old ruins), the lone signpost, sheep, deer, foxes.. and the beautiful mountains in every direction.

On our way from Bray to Naas - ugly new road signs @ Sally Gap!
And then, some feckin' eejit decided to get rid of the typically Irish signpost, replacing it with these horrible modern road signs! :O Honestly.. They have killed the place!

About ten years ago, I made a mock picture of one of my Connemara photos, adding American style motorway signs, McDonald's ad post, "Leprechaun Village" sign, etc. (I don't have that picture on the laptop, but I'm sure it's still on some old hard drive..) It was a funny joke, at the time, but it's scary how close the reality is getting..

Edit: I found that old photo;

I made this mock pic in late 90's

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  1. True. I hate those new signposts... fecking eejits...