Sunday, 8 November 2009

IKEA Thursday, and Friday morning

Beautiful IKEA view.. LOL
On Thursday, D50 took myself and M to IKEA.

IKEA - pre-shopping meal..
We decided that we needed strength, for the shopping part, so we started with a bite.. hehe.. Gravid lax was gorgeous, but not as nice as my mam's.. (And why didn't I buy more Daim?!?)

IKEA finger puppets!
My IKEA budget was €50, and I'd collected all kinds of nice stuff in our trolley, but then I found a lovely rug for the attic, which I actually really needed as the "computer wing" floor was ice cold.. So, I bought the rug (€39.99), and left most of the other stuff as I had no money for it. I did get a lovely mushroom grey wrap (€9.99), and M got me those funny finger puppets as she couldn't cope with leaving them there =D I'll post rug photos later..

Birthday pressie from Maaria
M gave me a birthday present..

Birthday pressie from Maaria
Beads!!! =D I've actually used most of these already - the photos are not online yet..

Cheese & crackers with Maaria
We had cheese & crackers in the attic..

Maaria just got a few little things from IKEA...
On Friday, before heading to Naas with M and her shopping (above), we decided to check out some shops in Bray..

A Nordic walking doll in a cheapo shop!
This was unbelievable.. A Nordic walking fashion doll!!
I haven't shrunk my Naas trip pics yet, but I might upload them later today, unless this cold makes me feel too miserable..

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