Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Refusing to get a cold!

041219ikea07I'm planning to go to IKEA tomorrow, with M, and nothing must ruin it.. So, I panicked last night, when I felt a sudden tingle in my throat.. :O I have since started wearing TWO pairs of woolly socks (mmmmm, warm..), marimekko neck warmer, and most of my other clothes at the same time.. I've applied Vicks vapo rub all over, I've had Lemsip, I sliced some garlic on my breakfast sambo, and I even shoved cloves of garlic between my toes as I've read that it's supposed to kill all bugs and cure cancer, etc. I'm totally refusing to get a cold, right now! After Friday evening, it's fine, but not now.
(The photo is of Espoo IKEA, in Finland)

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