Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Warm coat, new FB page, etc..

Quinsboro Road, Bray - November 2008Yesterday evening, we had a parish group meeting in a pub. I've been freezing at home, for the last few days, so it was funny to feel totally warm when I was out, walking to the pub! I love my new €18 winter coat.. Maybe I should start wearing it at home as well - no more freezing! =D
I was supposed to buy milk, on the way home, but the meeting was much longer than our previous meetings, so Spar was already closed.. As we only had a little drop of milk left, I decided to drink Aero hot chocolate instead of coffee or tea as I prefer it with water only. We had three unopened jars (all of which came as freebies, with Nescafe Gold) - the freshest two were best before 7/2009. Oops. It was still good, though.
I was up all night, adding Finnish info topics to Bray Forum, and organising folders.. Then I decided to make a new Facebook Page for the forum - it's here, should anyone want to Become a Fan. I'm going to delete the old Group..
Now, off to bed, for a little bit of sleep :o

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