Wednesday, 20 January 2010

2 x tiny Moleskine..

I was hoping to buy the same version of Moleskine than I had for 2009 (linked here), but Dubray Books in Bray had none, Eason in Dún Laoghaire only had a few other sizes, Hughes and Hughes had a slightly bigger selection, but not the size I was looking for (I was even ready to get it in red, but they just didn't have that size at all - the closest was the weekly diary in black, with hard covers). At H and H, I looked at some other similar size diaries, but there was just nothing I wanted as much as the Moleskine, so I decided to wait and think about it.. I'd given up, but then we happened to visit a few other shops in the D.L. shopping centre, and I decided to have a look in the small Dubray Books there.. Well, they didn't have the size I wanted, either, BUT, they had the best Moleskine selection, and I eventually got the pocket size version of the daily planner;
12 months - Daily Planner - Black soft cover - Pocket
Basically, it's just like the larger version I wanted, but just about 50% of the size of it. I am disappointed as I really, really wanted to have identical diaries for every year (after finding such a perfect diary, in the first place..), but at least this is better than no Moleskine at all.. Also, since the diary was so small, and it was D's Christmas present for me (I'd wished for it, but wanted to go and pick the right one myself, which is why we only got it now), I also got the pocket size Japanese Album;
Japanese Album - Pocket

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