Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A few personality tests..

Some Personality Blogthings today;

You Are Modest
You are a team player, and you like to make valuable contributions to the group.
Compromise comes easily to you, and you're willing to work hard to get the job done.

You are a peacemaker. You are very uncomfortable with conflict and confrontation.
You are highly observant and in tune with your surroundings. You like to blend in.

You Are the Sun
You are a very warm and welcoming person. You make others feel at ease immediately.
You are fun loving, but you also have a serious side. You love to delve deeply into ideas.

You are intellectual and philosophical. You are apt to change your mind about things after thinking about them more.
You have a restless spirit, and it keeps your curious about the world. You love that there is always more to see or do.

Your Life's Path is Turquoise
You seek balance and serenity. You are happiest when the seas you are sailing are calm.
You believe it's important to be the person you are, even if others judge or alienate you for it.

You speak directly from your heart, and you love to share your deepest thoughts, dreams, and emotions.
You are confident and self-sufficient. You have high self esteem, and you love who you are.

Your Four Sided Personality is USWR
Side 1 of your personality is unassured. You don't like to mention your accomplishments, and you prefer to let others talk.

Side 2 of your personality is straightforward. You don't stretch the truth, and you take things as they come.

Side 3 of your personality is warm-hearted. You are interested in people, and you get along well with others.

Side 4 of your personality is reserved. You are a private person and often don't have much to say.

You Are the Little Mermaid
You find it hard to be satisfied with the life you were given. You feel like there is something bigger out there.
You know what you want, even if you don't go for it right away. You tend to long for people and things.

You are a true romantic and idealist. You get lovesick easily, and you've had your fair share of heartbreak.
Even so, you would give up a lot for love. Love is the most important thing in your life.

You Are Green
You are laid back and quite patient. You are naturally very calm.
You are an understanding person, and you believe in forgiving easily. You prefer to keep the peace.

You get annoyed by pushy or aggressive people. You don't like anyone trying to dominate you.
You always have time for someone genuine and friendly. You see out similarly mild mannered folks.

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