Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nuked wonders

My nuked scrambled cheesy eggs experiment - gorgeous!
As I don't have my own kitchen, I don't really cook at all. So, here's a nice quick two minute wonder; nuked scrambled cheesy eggs! =D

Read: I was nearly out of cheddar, so I thought I'd use the rest of it with my nuked eggs.. Should anyone want to try this gourmet experience, here's what you do: grab a little bowl and oil it (=for non-stick purposes.. also good to remember: you only need to oil the inside of the bowl.. lol..) Then, crumble the cheddar and put it in the bowl.. And finally, add two eggs (it's good to break them and remove the shells, btw, unless you want a very messy microwave oven..) Now, try and whisk the eggs a little bit, and mix them well with the cheese.. And then nuke the lot for about 30 seconds, mix them again, and nuke again until it gets all puffy (in our nuker, this takes one minute, so 90 seconds nuking in all..)

Then there's the fun part: attack the "nuked omelette" with your utensils, and make it look like scrambled eggs! =D Just chop it like mental.. And then you can eat it =P I had mine with some brown bread, and sprinkled some herbal salt (Herbamare) on the eggs..

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