Friday, 1 April 2011

Really, really, REALLY nice salad, etc.

Tuna salad & bagel
I'm still really into tuna salads, and this one I made yesterday, was extra nice =P~~~ Just iceberg lettuce, tin of tuna (for once, the cats were out, so I didn't have to share!), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, stuffed green olives, and French dressing - and a bagel to go with it. Mmmmm.. I could eat that everyday! Actually, I pretty often do, only usually it's without the olives and dressing.

Tesco quiche Bagel & rye bread, with cherry tomatoes
I've been having lots of Tesco quiche, plain bagels and Finnish rye bread as well, with tuna / prosciutto di parma / brie, etc. I ran out of Finnish rye bread, though, but I'm going to Finland soon, so hopefully there's room in the bag for some more rye bread, when I come back..

Crispy duck with egg fried rice (from China Kitchen, Bray)
This is crispy duck with egg fried rice, from China Kitchen, Bray. Absolutely gorgeous!! (Btw, the portion is much bigger than this, I just happened to grab a small plate, so couldn't fit more on it in one go.. This is not even a half of the whole portion!)

Jeez, feeling a bit lame to tag this with 'recipe', but in case I'm trying to remember what was in that really nice tuna salad.. LOL


  1. I'm addicted to balsamico with tuna... nothing else needed.


  2. Simple food is the best, I think =)