Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My trip to Finland - the second week in pics

Tuesday 26th April

Stuff to shift, places to go..

Helsinki snaps
I don't like Helsinki. I never liked it in the first place, and now it's totally changed, there are whole new parts of the city that I don't even know, and it's all too big and ugly..

Helsinki snaps Helsinki snaps
I saw a disco dancing legend, though..

Sunset in Helsinki
Sunset in Lauttasaari..

Wednesday 27th April

On the train to Imatra On the train to Imatra
Time to travel to Imatra again..

On the train to Imatra
Hm collected me from the station again =)

At Hm's in Imatra At Hm's in Imatra
Back to work :-#

Little gamers
Little gamers =)

Thursday 28th April

Clearing the flat in Imatra..
Back to clearing the flat..

Clearing the flat in Imatra.. Clearing the flat in Imatra..
Sorting stuff to be collected..

In Imatra..
Back at Hm's.. I stayed with the boys while Hm went out to organise some balloons, and found that it's not easy to be on the phone with kids around, lol..

In Imatra.. In Imatra..

Friday 29th April

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
Hm created monsters =D

In Imatra..

In Imatra..
I considered not watching the Royal Wedding as I didn't really have the time to waste, but ended up watching it anyway.. (I much preferred the Swedish Royal wedding, though!) Lovely dress - sort of 50's style, in that elegant movie star way.. That little flower girl totally stole the balcony show..

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
Then, back to Matinkatu..

In Imatra..
I was packing stuff that would be collected on the following day..

Saturday 30th April

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
Some more packing to do, on Saturday morning..

In Imatra..
After my parents collected some stuff to be stored in Helsinki, it didn't seem to have made much difference at the flat..

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
I found my old hair (from childhood!), and noticed that I haven't started going grey yet as old hair and current hair were the same colour..

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
1934 Kellokoski weirdness..

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
O & N, back at Hm's =)

Sunday 1st May

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
Hm adopted this dish, and cleaned it and used it right away =)

In Imatra..
Queueing for food.. (I was trying not to laugh, and failing..)

In Imatra..
Panic moment, when I went to the attic for the first time (during this trip).. More stuff than I remembered..

In Imatra.. In Imatra..
I used to love this when I was a child.. So, I took pictures before I threw it away..

In Imatra..
Calendar Boys..

Monday 2nd May

I woke up to this - it was SNOWING!!!! OMG..

In Imatra..
This used to belong to my late grandfather. I phoned the local police, and they sent someone to collect it. I'd have liked to keep the old license (from 1951!), but they needed it - however, they might send it back to me later =)

In Imatra..
We were looking for this place (very Pulp Fiction..), missing the right turn, and sort of accidentally ended up on the Russian border.. Oops! =D

In Imatra..
I wasn't feeling too well (stress, etc..), so I took a long nap, had one slice of pizza, continued my nap, got up and felt sick, then went to bed.. (Nothing wrong with the pizza, I was just bollixed..) The next 2-3 days, I couldn't eat much, yet had to keep clearing the flat, so it wasn't the best of times..

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