Saturday, 28 May 2011

On, and where to get those Vodafone settings..?

Sim transfer break @ Molloy's coffee shop
As I mentioned before, I transferred from O2 to Vodafone, a few days ago. So, I thought I'd go and register with

Everything went fine at first - I received my verification code by text, I selected my personal password, I got the login screen.. And then it said that my number and password don't match. WTF?!, I thought.. I was certain that I'd typed it correctly. Soon, I was locked out for 24 hours as the password just wasn't accepted.

I didn't want to wait for 24 hours, just to get the same shyte again, so I phoned their support number. OMG, the amount of menu selections you have to go through, to finally get to talk to a real person.. :O However, when I finally did reach a real person, she was really helpful and lovely =)

My password problem was probably caused by the fact that I didn't originally pick a password that would have been secure enough - my selection had filled three of the four security bars, which was enough for me, but not for Vodafone, apparently.. Anyway, the support person filled in my info, and suggested that I use the "lost password" option when returning to the website. I did so, received another verification code, and got to select a new password - a really secure one, this time..

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the support person about another problem, and I'm not sure if I'd have it in me to go through all those menu selections again, so I sent an email query instead.. It's about accessing web stuff on the phone.. When I try to do that (OR, when I attempt to send a multimedia message), my phone is set to do it with O2, but now that my number has been transferred to Vodafone, the O2 stuff obviously won't work.. I was trying to find info on how to change my settings to Vodafone services, but no luck yet.. (I haven't googled, though - just browsed the Vodafone website, really..) Not that I even use much web stuff on the phone, but it's nice to know that I can, if I feel like it. I've done the odd Facebook update on the phone, and I've been posting some Twitpics, too.. Now I can't do any of that until I get the new Vodafone settings.

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