Sunday, 12 June 2011

Beads & cats, etc.

Beads from B.D.I. Beads (Bray)
Yesterday, I met Helja & family at B.D.I. Beads on Florence Road. They'd come to Bray to collect some Finnish books from me. I didn't mean to buy any beads, but they were just too nice, so I decided to make a few Roikotins.. (Roikotin is a Finnish word - although, you mightn't find it in a dictionary - and as it's just better than any English word, to describe my bead stuff, I've decided to use it in English as well..) Here's what I made;

2 x Roikotin
Must try and get pictures of them in daylight, with the sun hitting all those shiny parts.. Nice..

Ginga, Oimo & Pushy were with me in the garden..

Oimo & Pushy

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