Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday grub

Mmmm, chips.. with loads of salt & vinegar
This was like a spontaneous late Saturday night / early Sunday morning thing - chips with loads of salt and vinegar, from Henry & Rose. They do give you loads of chips, and I ate them all, *bOip*! (The bag was stinking of vinegar, lol..)

Sunday dinner
My version of the Sunday dinner.. Roast chicken, stuffing & carrots, cherry tomatoes, stuffed green olives, garlic & onion dip, lettuce, and toasted garlic & coriander mini naan bread. Nice!

Bagel, cherry tomatoes & vanilla yogurt
Evening snack; my usual bagel (with lettuce, chorizo, cheese, garlic & onion dip, stuffed green olives), cherry tomatoes, and vanilla yogurt, which I shared with Thatsit as she loves yogurt..

Fruity dessert thingy..
Late night fruity dessert I'd forgotten to have before..

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