Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Late Monday evening on Bray Seafront Tuesday afternoon on Bray Seafront
I just realised that I've walked to the other end of Seafront and back, on THREE days in a row :O (usually it's something I might do once in every five years or so..) On Monday, I went to take some late evening pics of the fun fair, and yesterday I took some afternoon pics. I also checked out the 'Bella Italia Street Party', which looked more like just one restaurant putting out a mini market. Oh, and I got perfect chips from that small take away - for once, there was enough vinegar! Mmmmmm.. Last night, we did an uber-dark trip to Glendalough. Unfortunately, the otherwise bright moon was hiding behind a mountain, so my cemetery photos turned out very, very dark.. I've uploaded all the photos, but I've no energy to blog them all just yet, so.. Later..

Tuesday afternoon on Bray Seafront Extremely dark night trip to Glendalough

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