Thursday, 14 July 2011

On Wicklow Mountains, yesterday (video)

Still no time to blog Tuesday's photos, but while I'm working on yesterday's photos, here's a scenic video from Wicklow Mountains. It's from the road between Glenmacnass and Sally Gap, which I find the least interesting of all those four mountain roads, but it's still nice..

In case anyone's wondering, I rate the roads as follows: 1. Roundwood - Sally Gap (Absolutely the best! Especially for the gorgeous view over Lough Tay..), 2. Blessington road (Interesting scenery..), 3. Glencree road (Parts of it are a bit boring, but the view towards Blessington is quite awesome, you can often see deer, and I also love the bit around Lough Bray.. Also, when you reach Glencree valley, the view is just one of the best in the country - or in the world..), and finally, 4. Glenmacnass road (I just find it kind of 'boring', although depending on weather, it can still be beautiful as you can see on the video above.. Of course, Glenmacnass waterfall is very beautiful..)

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