Monday, 22 August 2011

Candyking sweets from Tesco

Candy King sweets Candy King sweets
They had a new Candyking sweets selection shelf at Tesco (Quinsboro Rd.), and I have to say that the marketing idea is quite brilliant.. Instead of the more traditional way of paying by weight, you now get to choose from two different cup sizes (large or extra large), with fixed prices. I think that the large cup was €3.99, and the extra large was €4.99 - or something close, anyway..

Candy King sweets
For example, I only wanted a handful of sweets, but since I was paying a fixed price, I just had to cram the cup full of sweets!

Candy King sweets Candy King sweets
I took some pics to remind myself what was worth getting and what wasn't.. Above, in the first picture, it was all pretty good, especially the cherries, which were not as uber-sweet as most of the other stuff. In the second picture, that long red thing was disappointing. Some weeks ago, I'd bought similar stuff (only longer) from the Seafront, and the red stuff was nicer than the green.. In this case, it was the other way around. It wasn't actually bad, just not as nice as I expected, and too sweet.. The 'banana' sweet was almost like chewing gum by texture, and the flavour was pretty far from realistic banana flavour.. The mice were white chocolate, and I'd picked them to see if I'd like white chocolate as I still can't eat regular chocolate. Yuck. No thanks.

Candy King sweets Candy King sweets
Above, in the first picture, all the other stuff got mentioned already, but the cola bottles were also nice, and not uber-sweet. Worth getting them again.. In the second picture, the green long thing was nice, but too sweet.. Still, I might get that stuff again.. Jelly beans are usually safe, and they're good for filling those gaps in the cup, LOL..

Candy King sweets Candy King sweets
Above, I've mentioned everything else, except for the sugar-coated cherries. Yuck!! They were almost like marzipan, which didn't really work with the cherry flavour, and they were way too thick for their texture and flavour, so it was totally uncomfortable to eat them, and I won't be getting them again.

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