Saturday, 6 August 2011


This totally made my day.. DOLPHINS! =D And I got pictures! =D

I'd never seen dolphins in the wild, until today.. I knew that they've been spotted around Bray harbour, but I hadn't really been there much lately.. I just went today, to finish the chips I got from the Seafront take away, earlier on, and wasn't even thinking about dolphins, but there they were.. Awesome!!

I'll flickr'ise more pics, later, just wanted to share this.. =) I still need to upload and blog yesterday's gig pics, first, and some African market stuff from today, and then I'll get to the dolphin pics..


  1. I did not know that you can spot them also on the east coast! Amazing - I can only guess how happy you are

  2. Wow, great photo! Any time I spy dolphins from our window, they're too far away and you can only see their fins, so I never manage to get proper photos. Great shot!

  3. Thanks for the comments and sorry for not replying sooner.. Still couldn't do it in my blogging browser, so I'm using my Facebook browser..

    These dolphins were not that close to the pier, but I zoomed in to the spot where I'd last seen them, and managed to get a few photos that way.