Monday, 8 August 2011

Gigs, gigs, gigs.. And sore feet..

I went to see seven gigs, this weekend - and did some other stuff as well.. On Friday, The Flaws and Royseven, on Saturday, I started with the African market, then I took dolphin pictures at Bray harbour, then Oleku Band, and later Natty Wailer (feat. Sinead O'Connor). And today - well, yesterday now - Jupe, Bray Gospel Choir, and Knights of Leon. I meant to check out the Summerfest finale fireworks as well, but my feet were too sore, and I just had to come home..

Of course, I took photos and shot some videos of all those gigs, which means, I'll have loads to do for the next few days :o I'm just uploading the first Oleku Band video to youtube, but they'd already killed the long upload once, so hopefully this second attempt will work.. I'm uploading the full HD version as it looks so much better. Will blog everything, when I get there!

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