Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm with the dolphins, and I got them on video!

OMG, what a sunrise!! I came to the harbour, and the dolphins gave me a private show! And, I just happened to be shooting a video... Now I have them jumping on video! They're still jumping, I'm eating Tesco cheese twists and watching.. And trying to copy their language.. They must find it funny..


  1. Amazing! I am so happy for you that you can share that moment. It is also a beautiful sunrise here.

  2. I was laughing, yesterday morning, when I was posting sunrise pictures from the north pier, and you were posting sunrise pictures from your front door - it just felt funny, sharing the same sunrise in that way! =D

  3. I felt the same - we were looking at the same sunrise about 80km apart. I wish that one morning I have power to take the car and drive to the seaside (too far and too dangerous road to walk)