Friday, 19 August 2011

Sunrise with the dolphins (video)

I went to the harbour just after 5am, to take sunrise pictures. I decided to shoot a 360° harbour view video, and I'd only just started when I heard the dolphins nearby! (You can actually see them on the video before that moment, but I was watching the small camera screen, so I'd missed that..) I still wanted the harbour video, so I kept doing what I was doing, just turning a bit faster as I wanted to get back to the dolphins..
I didn't know where and when they would appear again, so there's some waiting around, and quick camera moves back and forth, but it's worth watching it all as there are some beautiful jumps towards the end, against gorgeous sunrise colours..
I have a few shorter videos that I'll be uploading later, and there are plenty of photos to come as well (not so much of the dolphins, though), but I have other photos to do first, so it'll be a day or two, maybe..
After I ran out of memory, I was just sitting back on the north pier, eating Tesco cheese twists, watching the dolphins, and grinning like an idiot =)

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