Sunday, 4 September 2011

More about my tattoo trip

At Snakebite, Dublin At Snakebite, Dublin
I don't like tattoos, and I've always said that I'd never ever get one, so I went and got a tattoo =D (Well, I do appreciate the art, and some of them can look beautiful, but what I really hate, is when you can only see a part of a tattoo, because some of it is covered by clothes - and I'd hate the idea of feeling restricted as to what to wear.. And, skin is just so beautiful without tattoos..)

Anyway.. I'd googled for a place as I didn't want to have it done in Bray (although there are at least two tattoo places here with good reputation). Snakebite in Dublin seemed like the best place as many people seemed very happy with their work, and the location was handy for me.

They keep Saturdays for walk-in customers, so I thought I'd go and try my luck.. I was there around 4pm, and they said that Erin could tattoo me at 6pm, so it left me with two hours to kill, which turned out very expensive, heh..

I started from Penneys where I got a set of two sports bras for €7 (OK, I did need those, and no, I am NOT doing sports, lol..). Then, I thought I could kill plenty of time at Accessorize as they have lots of nice stuff.. Well, I killed time - and money.. Not that €15.80 is the end of the world, but I didn't really need a kitty coin purse and a cute notebook.. At least I didn't buy the pretty scarf that would have been nearly €30..

Then I had a cappuccino (€2.80) break at Insomnia, which was sort of bad timing as Maaria and a few other Finnish friends would have been just across the Liffey, but we left it at texting, and Maaria is coming to Bray next week, to check that I'm still me (well, with all this tattoo business and everything..) =D

On my way back to Snakebite, I noticed GameStop, so I went in and discovered some reduced prices on Sims3 EPs & stuff packs.. I bought two EPs and one stuff pack. Jebus.. After that, I still had about 30 minutes to kill, but I just went back to Snakebite as I didn't want to spend any more money!

At Snakebite, Dublin At Snakebite, Dublin

At Snakebite, Dublin
Erin (above) inked me =)

At Snakebite, Dublin

At Snakebite, Dublin At Snakebite, Dublin

At Snakebite, Dublin
It was a nice place and the staff were also very friendly. The actual tattooing took place in a long white room, on 4th floor (the shop is on 3rd floor). I didn't take any pictures there.

I was surprised at how quick and almost painless it was! Not totally pain-free, but it was more like an unpleasant feeling than actual pain. Still, I wouldn't be keen on getting some huge tattoo done, like the whole back or such.. I actually wanted the star on my finger, but they don't tattoo fingers or faces as such tattoos don't age well, apparently. Also, I'd been thinking of some other colour than black, but they recommended black as it ages better than other colours. I trusted the professionals on this =)

I got clear, printed instructions on after care (although I'd already read about it on their website and on some other sites), and I'd already bought the Bepanthen nappy rash cream, which they recommend. I actually got a giggle out of that as when I went to buy it, the lady behind the counter immediately asked me if it's for a tattoo! =D So, I mustn't look like a mother or a granny of a baby..

I'm a badass =)
Above and below, the fresh tattoo, still in cling film;

My Star (well, I do love the song as well)
And below, some shopping;

Oops, how did this happen?

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