Sunday, 4 September 2011

Overcharged @ GameStop Liffey Street (Dublin) - Edit: Sorted!

Overcharged @ GameStop Liffey Street
OK, this is partially my fault - for not spotting their mistake there and then, but they made a mistake and then overcharged me, and I'm certain about that.

Here's what happened;

I went to GameStop Liffey Street, just to kill time before my tattoo appointment and browse some PC games. I looked at The Sims Medieval, but found it too expensive.. I then browsed The Sims 3 expansion packs (EPs) and stuff packs, and noticed that the Generations EP had a sale sticker on it: €19.98 (in my email to GameStop, I said €19.99, but having done more detective work on the receipt, I am now certain that it was actually €19.98 - I'll explain this further, later on). The original price of that EP is over €30, so I double-checked the sale sticker as it's a fairly recent EP. €19.98. I picked another EP, Late Night, which was priced €19.99. I can very clearly remember that one of them was €19.99, and the other €19.98, because the way I added them in my head, was €20 + €20 - 3c.

I then picked a stuff pack (Town Life), which was priced €12.99. Again, the way I added these in my head, was €20 + €20 + €13 - 4c, bringing the total to €52.96. (I routinely do this while shopping anywhere at all, because usually I'm on a tight budget, and I don't actually make mistakes, so I should have trusted myself here. Not doing so was my mistake.)

When I went to pay, the girl took the display covers, and started changing them to the sale covers - at this point, I actually felt a brief gut feeling, saying this could become a problem, because the sale covers did not have the reduced price stickers that were on the display covers. Again, not paying enough attention to that gut feeling, was my mistake. My gut feeling tends to be right.

I heard her say €57.something, at which point I said that it should be €52.something. Now, I really should have paid more attention here, but I looked back to the shelves, saw a similar sale sticker, with €29.99, so I (mistakenly!) assumed that I'd made a mistake, reading €19.99 where it said €29.99. Not So! IF I'd made that particular mistake, the total price would have been €62.96. Instead, she charged me €67.96. Because I was paying with my bank card (not having enough cash on me), I didn't notice this as there was no change, and yes, I really should have checked the receipt right there, but I'd misheard her say €57.something, and just didn't check. Not checking was my mistake.

OK, when I'd made it home, I was eventually checking my receipts, and noticed that I'd been overcharged.

Overcharged @ GameStop Liffey Street
If you look at the photo above, you'll see that the Generations EP cover has the full price of €34.99, but on the receipt, it's only €19.98 - THE VERY PRICE THAT WAS ON THE SALE STICKER! OK, so, I was correct - the reduced price on the round sale sticker, WAS €19.98.

Now, look at the Late Night EP. Its cover has the price of €19.99 - exactly as I remember it, when I picked it from the display shelf. However, on the receipt, it's actually €34.99! WAY overcharged!

As it happens, I am actually happy with the price I paid for the Generations EP (=€19.98 on the receipt, the same price that was on the sale sticker) and Town Life stuff pack (=€12.99 on the receipt, the same price that was on its display cover), and my only issue is with the price of Late Night EP (=€34.99, which is €15 more than what was on the display cover and what IS on the sale cover I got).

I'm having to go back there on Monday, to sort this out. I hope it's not going to be a problem.

I actually did email them about this already, but hadn't noticed the "swapped EP prices" on the receipt (as in, opposite of those on the sale covers), so couldn't dissect the mistake as thoroughly as I've done here.

I'll blog more about it when I've either heard from them or gone back to get my €15 refunded.

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I've been in touch with the shop by email, and there seems to be no problem about this. I showed them the picture of the receipt and the two EPs, and explained the issue. I was promised that they will refund it, so I'm going there tomorrow - and might even end up grabbing yet another EP or stuff pack, once I've checked the list of what I don't have yet.. =D
- Monday 5th September, 6:21pm


I went to Dublin today, and as promised by email, there was no trouble getting this sorted. I actually bought the last stuff pack I didn't have yet, so got that and a fiver =P
-Tuesday 6th September, 11:53pm

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